Created by the wonderful Bravefoot #183, the Italian Pommett is Dynasty's newest breed. Here is the breed description:

The Italian Pommett is a large breed originated in the area around the town of Parma in northern Italy. This breed is defined as proud and slightly stubborn, always preferring to do things in by its own head than following its owner's commands. If trained properly, and from a young age, the Italian Pommett is a formidable hard worker, especially good in police force and research. This breed is quite muscly, and needs constant activity to keep him happy and healthy. Always give the Italian Pommett the right amount of food as they're voracious eaters and can get overweight pretty quickly. Even though it has a single coat, it can stand cold weather to a certain excess, so always make available for him a nice warm den. Males tend to be calmer than females, and they're known to be quite agressive around their same gender. If treated right, the Italian Pommett will be an amazing loyal friend for life, that will fill your days with adventurous joys.

For now, contact Bravefoot if you want one of these dogs, as they are currently not importable.
They will be importable within a few days.


P.S: Don't forget about the Tallest Red Dog contest going on this week! See the news post below this one for more info. :)
Post added on September 28th, 2015 4:23 PM

Let's have a little contest shall we?

  1. Your task is to breed the tallest Red dog you possibly can and the winner will get 25 credits!

  2. You must own the dog -and- be listed as the breeder (this means you can't submit imports!)

  3. The dog must be Red in colour (no additions - I.e. Red with Piebald or Black and Red do not count!)

  4. Submit the dog by clicking here.

  5. You can submit as many dogs as you like, but remember, only the tallest wins!

  6. Contest runs until Monday October 5th, 11:59pm Dynasty time!

  7. Winner gets 25 credits!

Ready, set, go! :)

Post added on September 28th, 2015 10:53 AM

...Aeradalia (#6587)! Congratulations, credits are heading your way now!

Thank you to everyone who entered the draw by filling out the survey to recommend a moderator! The moderator has been selected and, to my great pleasure, has accepted the position. They will start in a few weeks due to training and housekeeping that need to happen first - and you will find out who it is then. :)

Post added on September 15th, 2015 4:38 PM

I'll keep this short - go import one now!

The Dalmatian comes in a lot of colours, and they are significantly more rare than any of the current breeds. Go have fun breeding cream-spotted Dals! :)

P.S: And to help those who want them now but just ran out of imports, any credits purchased between now and 5PM tomorrow (Thursday Sept 10th) will be doubled - just send me a quick message!

P.P.S: The Mod Survey will be live until tomorrow night! As a reminder, everyone who submits the survey and leaves their name and ID is entered into a draw for 50 credits. :) Thank you to those who have submitted it already!

Post added on September 9th, 2015 4:05 PM

That's right, we have grown enough to require the help of 1-2 moderators on Dynasty!

The role of the moderator is primarily to be the keeper of peace, make sure rules are being followed, help out new (and old!) players, answer questions and watch over the community when I cannot do so.

This is a volunteer position. It will require time, humbleness, strength of character, good judgement, and maturity from the selected individuals. Selected person (or people) will be upgraded for the duration of their time as moderators.

Do you know of a member of our community that could fit the bill? Please recommend them by taking this survey:

You cannot recommend yourself, and you can only submit the survey once, so please think through your selections carefully! You can recommend up to 3 people that you think would be suited to a moderator position, as well as recommend people you wouldn't want to see in such a position of power. Also, soliciting votes (through forums, private messaging, or in chat) is not allowed. Such messages and threads will be deleted if found.

The person (or people) who receive the most recommendations will then be contacted privately and asked whether they would be interested in the position. Training and support will be provided. :)

The survey can be submitted anonymously, but those who choose to leave their name will be entered into a draw for 50 credits - and the quality of your responses will matter for the draw! :) The survey will be automatically closed on Thursday, September 10th at 11:45pm Dynasty time. I believe the tool has a maximum capacity of 100 responses, so get your response in sooner rather than later!

Link to the survey again:

Thank you to all who submit their recommendations!
Post added on September 3rd, 2015 11:27 AM

Just a quick note that you should now be able to import the new breed Pomdanian Rex! Head on over to the import dogs page to get yourself a few. :)

Post added on August 31st, 2015 6:08 PM

Hi Folks,

Plesae welcome our newest in-game breed, the Pomdanian Rex! Created by Lorri, the PomdanianRex is a giant fluffy breed. Here is a description of the breed:

Want a pretty, fluffy type dog but also fancy a dog the size of a small car? The Pomdanian Rex is for you! The Pomdanian Rex looks a bit like a heavy built Pomeranian, but with an only slightly bent tail. The most striking difference is that the Pomdanian Rex is at or over 30" tall and weighs upwards of 100lbs when fully mature. He has a long, smooth, lustrous double coat just right for hugging. This dog is notably correct in both Forequarter and Hindquarter (good or better in both). He has long legs with no furnishings to keep all that fluff out of the mud. This exotic breed has a straight back with a shallow sloped croup. His neck is proud and high set, supporting a small or medium sized head with pricked ears perched alertly on the top of his head. His small almond shaped eyes are set an average distance apart in his convex, small or medium skull and are shining amber or rich brown in colour. He always has a scissor bite. The Pomdanian Rex can come in any colour or markings.

Currently we are working on making the breed importable. In the meantime, please contact Lorri if you're interested in obtaining one of these new dogs!

Post added on August 24th, 2015 10:10 AM

I've just been informed by our host that they will be performing maintenance on our server tomorrow, Wednesday July 29th, between 10pm and 2am game time.

The maintenance should take around an hour, but it could be at any point within the above time frame. Dynasty will be inaccessible at that time.


(P.S: We are aware of the 500 errors plaguing the searches and breed drafts, and are working on them.)
Post added on July 28th, 2015 10:12 PM

Just a quick reminder that the 2-for-1 credit sale ends tonight! :)

And thank you to all the players who've bought so far!
Post added on July 11th, 2015 9:08 PM

We've significantly changed the code for the dog page to make it faster, and there are a few bugs popping up.

Please report all issues you see in the comments here and we'll troubleshoot.
Post added on July 10th, 2015 11:30 AM