I have the flu.
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A new Community Challenge starts on November 26, 2016! Head over to the Goals page to see the requirements and rules. You have until December 2, 2016 11:59 PM to submit your entries!
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As many of you have by now noticed, your curly coated dogs have straight hair and your straight coated dogs have curly hair. The genetics boo boos that need fixed don't stop there either. Fixing the existing dogs is not feasible due to the way the game's database was designed.

As such the players in chat this evening have come up with two options to deal with this issue. (other options may be suggested.)

I have posted the log of the chat here: http://dynastydog.com/forums/topic/2522 (sorry about how hard it is to read!)

The two options have been summarized here: http://dynastydog.com/forums/topic/2523
and here: http://dynastydog.com/forums/topic/2524

So the choice is yours. Place your vote! Feel free to discuss in the comments here or ask specific option questions on the appropriate forum thread.

Voting closes December 1st. Whichever option is ahead at that time will be chosen.

How would you prefer to deal with the fallout of fixing the genetics in the game?

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There will be a brief period of site downtime Wednesday, 2016/11/02, 10:00-12:00 UTC for our host to perform emergency server maintenance to patch a vulnerability in the linux kernel. All SnowWolfe Games, LLC games will be offline during that period. The downtime could last from 15 minutes to the full two hour window.
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We've finally moved to new servers! You should see some pretty nice performance improvements, but there may be some hiccups to straighten out. The site no longer runs on php and apache, it is running on HipHop Virtual Machine and Proxygen, so this change is likely to cause some wrinkles. The performance gains will be quite worth it though!

Please report any issues to the bugs board on the forums.
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As was announced some time ago, multiple accounts are not ok on Dynasty. To that end, I have been building a system that catches players that try to break this rule. While the system is not yet complete, the core of it was launched at midnight game time today. In just 23 1/2 hours it has busted 13 multies and put two more accounts "under surveillance."

If you have been logging into more than one account, I strongly suggest you stop immediately and only log into one. The system -will- know and then -I- will know.

To those of you wonderful, rule abiding folks, I LOVE YOU! :D I'm doing this to make sure the game is fair for YOU! :D
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When drama happens in the game, for instance in the chat, what do we do?

We block the people causing the drama and don't participate in it!

Today a new player caused a bit of a nasty stir in chat. Kudos to those that used the block feature! Good job! I like it!

The two that caused the drama and were being nasty in chat both got a whole month banned from ALL social interaction on the game. I take this behavior very seriously. It is unacceptable. (On my games they would have been permanently banned from interacting.)

Unfortunately a few chose instead to fuel the drama, participate in it with snarky remarks, and make the atmosphere even more icky. :( They received 24 hour chat bans and added to my list of people to watch. *sighs heavily* This I do not like.

Ya'll need to help me make the community pleasant people! You do that best by USING THAT BLOCK FEATURE! And not participating in the icky drama. Don't fan the flames. Smother them with the block feature! I'm counting on all of you to do this.
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A new Community Challenge starts on July 11, 2016! Head over to the Goals page to see the requirements and rules. You have until July 13, 2016 11:59 PM to submit your entries!
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We need to have one more little discussion! (I hate these discussions so much!) This time we need to clarify what "private messages" aka your inbox messages aka in-game messages are.

Private in this case (a term not actually used by the site) means that the conversation only involves two players, not the entire player base.

It does not mean that nobody else will ever see the contents.

Admins, programmers, anyone with database access can see these. That would include hackers by the way, if one were to gain server access. It would also include every single person that has server access at the host company.

So when might I be looking at messages*?

If they are reported.
If another message was reported.
If someone is causing trouble in chat or on the forums.
If I am working on the inbox feature.
If I am checking how active the feature is during a timeframe.
If I want to see my inbox messages and am not logged in the game and am logged in the server.
If there is a bug reported about the feature.

*This list is not all inclusive of every possible reason I or another person working here might be in that table and see the data.

Calling me a stalker for seeing what you have sent in these messages is, well just frankly beyond rude and completely inane. I have had a real stalker. Stalkers aren't people that happen see what you say in the game in the course of doing their job. Stalkers are scary people that are sometimes insanely dangerous like mine was. So just like calling me worse than Hitler, it's pretty removed from reality and shows you have no concept or comprehension of the words you are using. Or you are just trying to be mean and say the meanest thing you can think of. I dunno. But it trivializes the very real, very traumatic experience of being stalked. You should never trivialize things like that. Don't do that.

If you are upset that I have seen you say not nice things about me behind my back, well this is just a lesson for you about doing that. It very often bites you in the booty.
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Obviously my unexpected move and subsequent absence caused some things to go a little neglected for two weeks here. This has led to a lot of people forming some pretty negative opinions of my performance and that it is not acceptable for me to have life happen. That's ok. I can live with that. I'm used to that after 13 years at this game running thing. :D You can't ruffle my feathers anymore. lol

But. We need to discuss how ya'll acted while I was gone and some misconceptions that have fueled some of that negativity.

1) This one is a HUUUGE thing. It needs starses. ************

If someone is bothering you, Use The Blocking Feature. If they are annoying in chat, block them. If they annoy you in in-game messages, block them. If they do something that is actually against the rules, block AND report them. Chat is logged. In-game messages are logged. None of it can be deleted by any players, so it will ALWAYS be there for me to read.

You being annoyed by any other player is entirely in your own hands! And you have a responsibility to make your stay on Dynasty the best it can be! Use that block feature!

I know, I know! The curiosity! Fight it. You don't need to know what they are saying. Let it go! If you're sticking around to see what they say, you like the drama. ;)

2) If someone is misbehaving, Do Not Try To Play Moderator! Just be quiet. Use that block feature and Stay Out Of It! If it is an actual rule violation and not just annoying, report it and ignore them. I will deal with it when I can.

3) The general idea that I'm a dodo head that has no clue when I say chat drives the game. First, if you aren't blocking people, your annoyance is in your own hands! (And I can see how many are actually using it vs how many are complaining about chat.) And secondly, YES chat DOES drive the game!

During the periods that baus had chat disabled (twice in the game's lifetime now), active users fell dramatically. The number of breedings decreased. The number of in-game messages decreased. The number of forum posts fell. The number of active players on per hour decreased.

When I came on board as the programmer and I brought chat back online, the number of breedings tripled in just one month and continued to climb until it was disabled the second time.

This time when I brought chat back online, the number of active players went from an average of ~3 to ~14. And it is continuing to increase. The number of forum posts went up! Can you imagine? One of the boards I cleaned out had 5 pages for May and only one page from Feb through April. The number of in-game messages sent skyrocketed. And with that increase in activity, income tripled from May to June for month over month gross revenue numbers.

I cannot emphasize this part enough. The chat is very vital to this game.

4) The idea that I am not doing my job because you haven't seen x person banned yet or y thing done yet.

You cannot see how I am dealing with things. You aren't in my house watching over my shoulder to see what I am doing. ;) Keep that in mind. Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly because I am not wasting time on a single person when I can code a wide reaching net to catch a LOT of people. Remember that.

So to recap.
- Use the block feature.
- Don't get involved in drama.
- Don't play moderator.
- There is always more behind the scenes than you know about.
- Enjoy your stay here!
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