I've just added the first of a few new characteristics - Eye Shape.

Eye Shape will be known at some point between birth and three months of age, and describes the shape of the eye and eyelid together.

Eyes can be globular (think Pug), round (like a Weimaraner), oval-shaped (like a Poodle), almond-shaped (think GSD), or triangular (like Shiba Inu or some sighthounds).

Only newly imported dogs and their progeny will have this characteristic. Enjoy breeding for Eye Shapes!
Post added on September 30th, 2014 2:52 PM

Thanks to the hard work of rCaroline (#47), Pomeranians are now importable on Dynasty!

These cute little guys bring with them two new disorders - Alopecia X (which also now affects Alaskan Malamutes), which is basically hair loss for unknown genetic reasons, and Tracheal Collapse, which results in a dog having difficulty breathing because the cartilage that keeps their trachea nice and open is weak and has collapsed, reducing the amount of air that can go in and out of the lungs easily.

Neither condition is fatal, but still things to watch out for. :)

We don't have art yet for this breed, so that will be updated as soon as I have it.
Go enjoy your new Poms!
Post added on September 25th, 2014 2:24 PM

Yes that's right, Shibas are now live and importable! Big thank you to CitricPrincess (#20) for making it happen!

The breed has no art at the moment, I'm waiting for our artist to come back with art, so that'll be updated as soon as I have it.

Please let me know if something appears wrong with them, I checked but you never know. With Shibas comes the addition of a fun new disorder - GM1 Gangliosidosis - which is is exceedingly rare but does result in death by the age of ~1.5, so watch out for that when using Shibas in your breeding programs.

Post added on September 18th, 2014 11:06 AM

The way lending works has been changed. If you send for a number of turns, the turns will now count regardless of whether the lent dog was worked or not when the player you lent the dog to uses them. Also, you'll be able to send back dogs early, so no more waiting until the allotted time or elapsed number of turns. If the player wants to return your dog early, they can do so. Naturally, you can only send the dog back to its original owner.
Post added on September 15th, 2014 9:59 AM

It has become apparent that there is a serious bottleneck in the code of the game due to a hidden bug in the framework the game is built on that permeates everything. It's causing near-crash spikes in server load during busy times, despite us being on a server that should theoretically be much more powerful than we need it to be right now.

The current framework the game is on is not sustainable for our growth. It's going to continue eating resources faster than I can buy them. So the decision has been made to do a full recode and move to a better framework.

This means that we'll continue adding new players, but more slowly than we have been for the past week. I'll add more horsepower to our server if it becomes apparent we need it to keep functioning. We also won't be able to do open registration until the recode is finished - about 1-1.5 months if all goes well.

Don't worry, all your information, accounts, and dogs will be safe. The only way this will affect you is in the speed of growth of our community. The recode is happening in parallel, the main site will remain up and playable for the entire duration. It is certainly unfortunate, but not a big deal. :)
Post added on September 12th, 2014 10:06 AM

There's been a few bug fixes and feature updates to the game this weekend. Here's what was done:

-You will now be notified in your Turn Report when one of your dogs is getting old and going into sexual decline, meaning they'll start producing worse and worse puppies until they become infertile in their old age.

-Height and Weight will now be shown in decimals. If there are other characteristics where you think seeing decimals would be beneficial, please let me know!

-Dog search now has an Owner ID function.

-There is now a checkbox in your kennel page that will select all your dogs in all the tabs at the same time.

-Pet homed dogs will no longer be showing up in search results.

-Speaking of pet homed dogs - those that have no trace within the game (i.e. have never had puppies, participated in a contest or a challenge, etc) will now be deleted permanently to save space. Those that have left traces within the game, but are not breed originators and have not had puppies, will be deleted except for their name, breed, and breeder ID. Dogs which had puppies will not be deleted at all upon pet homing.

-When you are typing in the chat box, it will automatically be focused again when you hit enter, instead of having to click it to type every time.

-And the biggest feature - Lending! You can now lend your dog to someone for a specified period of time or a specified number of turns. This ensures that you can freely give dogs to other people without having to blindly trust that they will give them back to you - the dog will be returned automatically at the end of your specified period. Happy sharing and lending!

If you notice any bugs or anything with this, please let me know.
Post added on September 7th, 2014 2:05 PM

New server is live and performing well.
We had a small issue with the server being on a different time zone which resulted in imports being refreshed at the wrong time yesterday, but that has now been fixed.

Just so you guys know, I damaged my arm earlier this week, and any computer use triggers it (also things like eating and brushing teeth trigger it), so that is why things have been on the slow side this week - I'm on a computer ban, essentially.

However, tonight/tomorrow we will invite some new players (its been long overdue for that), and on Saturday Taylor will be fixing some bugs and adding some new minor features (like that Owner ID function in search).

Thank you for your patience,
Post added on September 5th, 2014 9:49 AM

Tonight we will switch from our little server that we're on right now to a much bigger and better server. This will come with some downtime while the domain pointing switches from old server to new server.

Downtime could be as little as 2 hours, all the way up to 48 hours (although I've never had it take that long to re-point a domain). In any case, this is not something I can control.

I will take the site offline tonight between 10pm and 11m server time. Hopefully by morning all the changes would be completed and we'll be live on the new server!

At that point we can let in some more players. :)
Post added on September 3rd, 2014 11:23 AM

The Dynasty Terms of Service has been posted and can be found at this link: Here.

Every Dynasty user is bound by these Terms going forward. Please make sure you read them.

This is a very important document that is here to protect both the players and Dynasty. We are working on a condensed, easy-to-read version as a courtesy, but even when that is live you will be bound by the full Terms of Service.

In other news, I will shortly update several breed silhouettes like the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky, so look out for that. Once that is done I'll send out an invitation for 10 more players to join us!

Post added on August 27th, 2014 8:37 PM

I'm glad you could make it. :)

Please enjoy the game! Keep in mind that things are fresh, and as such bugs will pop up. If you see any, please report the small ones on the bug board in the forums, and large ones (exploitable, game-breaking, etc) using the form on the Contact Staff page.

If you need help, a good place to start are the help files in general, and the Newbie Guide specifically. If what you're looking for is not there, feel free to make a post on the Help board in the forums or just ask in chat and someone will help you out.

Have fun and enjoy!
Post added on August 24th, 2014 3:31 PM