My bank cards were all stolen. My personal checking, business checking, and paypal were completely wiped out by the friendly thief causing bill payments to all bounce. I lost three domain names, servers went down, business subscriptions canceled along with personal stuff. (lots of ramen and eggs for meals here lately *sigh*) It took time working with the bank fraud department to get part of the money back and get things back up and running.

To make up for the misery, everyone who has been active since April 1st has received 100 credits and 10 custom import credits. Enjoy. :)
Post added on June 4th, 2017 7:30 PM


Gadget (15215)
June 4th, 2017 7:44 PM
Thank you so much!

We are sorry this happened, and glad to hear the bank is working on it!

Emortalnight (16831)
June 4th, 2017 7:58 PM
Sorry, I can't imagine having to go through that, glad everything was sorted out!

Remy (27999)
June 4th, 2017 8:06 PM
Cannot even begin to imagine how awful that must have been for you, and I'm so sorry you had to go through it! Here's hoping that never happens again :) So glad to have Dynasty back up and running, I've been checking every day!

wrendoe (7592)
June 4th, 2017 8:16 PM
oh my god that's terrible! i'm so sorry that happened to you it's literally one of my biggest fears.
hope everything works out for you! and thank you for the gifts!

Luce Nivea (15960)
June 4th, 2017 8:50 PM
I am so sorry for what happened to you! I hope everything goes better from here on out. I am so glad it's back up and running, and thank you so much for your generosity with the credits. I hope that never happens to you again!

Constanze (24485)
June 4th, 2017 9:10 PM
I am so sorry! I can't imagine how stressful that must have been for you, but I am so glad that everything is just about where it should be now. We all appreciate your generosity with the gifts, but I think we are all even more glad that you and your situations are all ok!

Goodness that's awful! Hope things get straightened out again, and we're glad to have things back!

KaleighBTW (9583)
June 5th, 2017 1:25 AM
So sorry to hear that!! That's awful.

who would do this i hope you are OK?

Red_Queen (27649)
June 5th, 2017 5:41 AM
That sounds horrible. I'm sorry you had to go through all this hopefully whoever caused all that will have karma knocking at their door very soon and thank you for the gifts!

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