Newbie Guide

Welcome, dear Newbie! Thank you for joining Dynasty, we hope you enjoy the game! Here is everything you need to know to begin playing:


Dynasty is a turn-based game. You start with 10 turns, and as you use them up, turns regenerate at the rate of 1 per 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 5 turns.

You can purchase additional turns with credits on the cash shop page, or watch for people who may be handing them out for free in the chat.


Turns make the time go by on Dynasty, so you can play at your own pace. Dogs age by two months every turn, provided that they have been worked the previous turn. Actions that count towards being worked are breeding for a bitch, running a test, and entering into a contest.

Note: breeding a male dog does not count as working the dog and does not take up his turn. Therefore you can breed a male dog multiple times per turn, but you can only breed a bitch once.

Characteristics & Testing

Each dog is defined by their characteristics, which you can find in 4 tabs on the dog's page: Appearance, Hardcore, Health, and Traits. Appearance goes over the simple physical characteristics of the dog. Hardcore dives more into the genetics side of things, as well as characteristics that are more difficult to understand or visualize about the dog's appearance. Health shows any current symptoms or diseases the dog has, as well as all the possible health disorders that could be present genetically. And finally, Traits shows all the personality characteristics of the dog; things that are inherent to them as an individual as opposed to how they look.

There are over 130 characteristics in existence. Each characteristic name is a link to a help page where you can read more about it - or, hovering over the little symbol next to the name will give you a short overview right there on the page. About a third of these characteristics are known from the start - these are typically what you would know about the dog just from glancing at it. The rest of the characteristics need to be tested for. Testing is as simple as clicking the green test button next to the characteristic you wish to test on the dog's page.

Testing takes up the dog's turn, so you can only do a single test per turn. And since every turn adds 2 months of age to a dog, you can only test up to 6 things per dog year - and that's if you don't enter into any contests or breed your dog if she's a bitch.

Life Span, Death and Infertility

Dogs on Dynasty feature realistic, breedable life spans. The life span of each individual dog varies, and is dependent on their breed - or, in the case of Unregistered crosses, on the breeds of the parents. Dogs will die of old age, and this may happen rather suddenly. Dogs may also die of specific genetic disorders, the symptoms of which will show up throughout its lifetime. Just like in real life, this is often sudden, which is why genetic health testing is so important.

A certain amount of time before the dog is due to die of old age, they will begin to produce worse quality offspring. It'll become more difficult for the females to give birth, and while they will never die from having a litter, they will begin having fewer puppies than you'd expect from that bitch. The quality of characteristics you'd expect to see will also diminish. A certain time after this period begins, the dog will become infertile and will no longer be able to breed. You will be given a warning that the dog is getting old in your Turn Report.

Health Disorders and Sicknesses

There are a large variety of genetic health disorders that can be affect dogs on Dynasty. These are listed on each dog's page under the Health tab. These disorders are genetic, and as such, do not heal. You will be alerted at the beginning of each turn if your dogs have started showing symptoms of any of these. Certain disorders are found only in specific breeds, which are most often listed in the tooltip description of the disorder (hover over the next to the name).

Sicknesses, on the other hand, are not genetic in and of themselves. Sicknesses depend on a dog's Immune System, which is a hidden characteristic (although, like all others, breedable). The worse the Immune System, the more often your dog will catch things like fleas and infections. You cannot facilitate the healing of these - they will heal on their own eventually (and you will be notified about this in a new turn report).

Getting New Dogs

In Dynasty, you can get new dogs of official breeds by importing them on the Import Dogs page. You get 6 imports weekly, every Sunday at 11:59pm game time, and more can be bought from the Cash Shop page. These dogs have no pedigree, and as such bring fresh blood to your breeding program. The dogs you import will be 2 years of age.

This page also houses special types of imports - Custom Imports. These allow you to specify up to 3 characteristics of the dog you are about to import, given that they are possible within the breed. For example, you can custom import a Black and Tan German Shepherd since that is a possible colour within the breed, but you cannot custom import a Greying GSD since that colour is not found in the breed. Custom Imports can be purchased for credits on the Cash Shop page.

Breeding & Beginner's Luck

Bitches need to be in heat in order to breed. They come into heat on their own individual schedule, and remain in heat for one turn. Breeding for a bitch takes up her turn, so be careful not to test her or enter her in a contest if you also want to breed her this turn!

Both dogs and bitches need to be sexually mature in order to breed. This happens between 6 months and 2 years of age, and you will be alerted when it does. You can breed your own dogs using the Breed Dogs pane in the sidebar on the kennel page, or you can breed directly from the stud's page.

You can also breed externally, using the dog search to find a dog you like who is up for stud, or by contacting the owner of the dog you like and asking them if they will let you breed to their stud. There are two types of studs - Immediate and Request. Immediate implies just that - you dogs will be bred as soon as you ask for this. Request stud is a little more complex in that you are requesting to breed your bitch to the stud, and the stud's owner must approve this breeding before you can go ahead and breed them. Approving (and rejecting) stud requests happens in the Stud Requests pane on the kennel page. If the player is taking too long to respond to your request, you can revoke it from the sidebar on the kennel page as well. Once you have an accepted breeding request, or you've chosen to breed two eligible dogs from your own kennel, you can either breed them directly, or request Beginner's Luck from a newbie. The chance of the breeding resulting in a litter of puppies depends on the potential parents' Fertility, which is a characteristic you can test for on the Health tab. Alternatively, you can guarantee the breeding by asking a newbie for Beginner's Luck. New players have this power for the first 7 days after they register - and yes, you can use it on yourself as well if you are a new player. You cannot advance your turn while you have a Beginner's Luck request out to a newbie. They will need to accept or reject this request before you can advance your turn - or, if they are taking too long, you can revoke it by visiting your Notification Center (the link is in your personal information section).

Newbies get a free turn for accepting a Beginner's Luck request, and Beginner's Luck is unlimited for the first 7 days after registration. Afterwards, it'll disappear forever. Please note that players are only allowed one account per person, and creating new accounts for any reason, including extending the benefits of Beginner's Luck is against the rules and is liable to get all your accounts frozen.

Once your Beginner's Luck request has been accepted, or if you've chosen to skip that step, your bitch will become pregnant. On your next turn, if the breeding took, she will deliver her puppies. Congratulations! You will need to complete each individual puppy by visiting their page in order to see his or her characteristics.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Dogs

There is a special button on each dog's page - bright red button called Pet Home - that will permanently remove that dog from your kennel if you are not interested in keeping it around. This does not break pedigrees, and its only function is to keep your kennels neat and tidy. This button will only appear once you've completed the tutorial at the beginning of the game.

Individual Challenges

Individual Challenges are found on the Goals page. These challenges are specific to each player, and increase in difficulty with levels. Completing a challenge rewards you with credits, which otherwise you can only earn through referrals or purchase with Paypal via the Cash Shop.

Each individual challenge will ask you to obtain a dog that has specific characteristics - for example, a Bite Type of Scissor. You can import this dog, you can breed this dog, you can get this dog from another player, and when you have one that fulfills the challenge requirements, you can complete the challenge and receive your prize. A single dog can be used to complete an unlimited amount of challenges, provided it fits the requirements for them of course.

If a challenge that you've rolled appears to be too difficult, or you simply don't feel like working on it, you can re-roll it for a different one for a cost of 5 credits.

Oh No! I found a bug!

If you found a simple bug, like a misspelling or a weird word somewhere, or something not functioning like you'd expect it to, please make a post on the Bug board in the forums. Please first check that no one else has reported this issue already - if they have, add your experience to their thread. When you are reporting a bug, we need to know what exact page you were on, any ID numbers of the dogs involved, any error messages you saw in their exact wording, and what you did when the bug occurred. Remember, the purpose of a bug report is to enable us to reproduce your problem - so browsers, operating systems, and all of their version numbers are important as well.

If this is a game-breaking bug (i.e. you can't access your kennel page anymore), or an exploitable bug (i.e. you found a glitch that gives you infinite credits), please report it using the contact form on the Contact Staff page. There is a link to this page in the footer of every page.