Bite Type

Healthy and functional bites include the scissors and level bites. Bites that may impact the dog’s ability to eat or otherwise use its mouth include the wry, undershot, and overshot bites.

The scissors bite describes a tooth arrangement where the fangs fit together like scissors and the top teeth cover the bottom teeth slightly, with optimal jaw positioning.

The level bite is similar, except without the overlap over the bottom teeth, and can wear the teeth down faster.

The wry bite features a side-to-side imbalance in jaw length.

The overshot and undershot respectively describe the bottom jaw or the top jaw being too short and the teeth placement suffering as a result.

Here is how to breed for Bite Type, taken from a forum topic on the subject:

Dragonwolf (#1374): I bred a dog that have bite type Scissor with a bitch that have bite type Undershot and got a couple of pups with bite type Overshot. I'd like to know how bite type works? (there isn't exactly a scale to look at as with some other stuff haha) Is there some kind of 'order' on them? What I basically want to know is how to know what bite types are good to breed together to improve bite type on the puppy. In my case I'd like to get Scissor or Level on my puppies, so was hoping breeding my Undershot with a Scissor would work well and then got confused; wondering where the Overshot types came from all of a sudden? *lopsided smile*

A lesson in breeding bite types pretty please? XD

Okay, here's how bite type on the game works. Bear in mind that this is completely improvised and has no relation to how it would work IRL. Usually for characteristics I try to stick to as much realism as possible, but in this particular case, well, game logic only. :)

Bite Type functions similar to Agouti in that it has multiple alleles on the same locus, and the bite types are incompletely dominant. There are only 3 alleles on the locus - Bs, Bu, Bw - and their combinations make up the 5 possible bite types.

  • Scissor - BsBs or BsBw
  • Level - BsBu
  • Undershot - BuBu
  • Overshot - BuBw
  • Wry - BwBw

So what happened with your litter up there is that you had an undershot (BuBu) and bred it with a Scissor carrying wry (BsBw). Some puppies ended up as BuBw - Overshot. Some others should've/could've also ended up as BsBu - Level.

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