Creating an In-Game Breed

Rules for Making a Breed

Creating an in-game breed is what Dynasty is all about - and naturally there are rules surrounding the process. You can create a new breed standard draft at any time you want, but you won't be able to submit it without a very specific dog that will serve as the Breed Originator - the first dog registered under that breed.

Important: an in-game breed can be imported. How this works is that every characteristic specified in its standard will be generated as any other breed, while characteristics not specified will be generated at random. Also, all the health tests in the game will show up for every imported in-game breed dog.

You can create a new in-game breed draft by going to the Breed Registry, then Manage Your Breeds, then Submit In-Game Breed. You'll see the following rules that you'll have to agree to before going to create your draft:

"You can submit a new breed at any time, provided you have a 5-generation record of dogs that have been tested and adhere to the breed standard of the new breed you wish to create. ALL dogs that are 5 generations back from your submitted dog must adhere to the breed standard. The dog you are submitting counts as 1st Generation.

  1. The proposed breed must have a population of at least 50 living individuals that fit the breed standard of this breed.
  2. Your breed's name must be appropriate and inoffensive, as well as sounding similar to what a dog breed might sound like.
  3. The breed's description cannot contain anything offensive or that otherwise goes against the game's rules.
  4. If you are submitting an image with your entry, you must have the rights to use it. Art and photo theft will not be tolerated. You also agree by uploading an image, you transfer the copyright to Dynasty and its owners.
  5. You must own the dog that you are submitting as the Originator of the breed.
  6. Breeds whose active (meaning: aged this week) populations drop below 20 individuals will become extinct and their breed entry removed. Extinction happens every Sunday. Individual dogs are not touched.
  7. You would have 7 days after the acceptance of your breed to register the minimum 20 dogs as your new breed, before the breed becomes eligible for extinction.
Your submitted breed will need to be approved by the mod/admin team before dogs can be registered as that breed. Failure to comply with the above rules could lead to the rejection of your breed entry. The mod/admin team holds the final say as to whether a breed is accepted or rejected and can reject a breed for any reason including those not listed above.

Prep Work Required

Naturally, you can't just create a breed with random characteristics and have it go through. Your Breed Originator dog must fit your breed standard - and all the ancestors 5 generations back must fit the defined breed standard as well. This shows that your breed has been developed enough to breed true to the standard over multiple generations. You also will need a population of at least 50 dogs that are alive and could be registered as this breed.

How to Make a Breed Standard Draft

Once you arrive at the breed draft form, you'll need to fill it out for your new proposed breed. Add a name, a description of the breed, and upload an image if you want. You cannot change this image after the breed is approved, so make sure you are uploading what you want! Naturally, copyright infringement is not tolerated, you must have the rights to this image in order to upload it.

Important: By uploading an image for a breed, you are transferring the copyright of the image to Dynasty and its current and future owners. Please do not upload an image if you disagree with this clause.

You will also need to select a Breed Originator for this breed. Make sure the dog you select fits all the criteria for a Breed Originator outlined above. You don't have to do this until just before you submit the breed.

When adding characteristics, you can add as many as are important to your breed, from just one to all of them. There are no characteristic requirements. Once you are done, submit your breed using the button at the bottom of the page!

What Happens After Draft Submission

Once you submit your Breed Standard, one of the mods/admins will go through your breed and approve/reject it. If rejection happens, you will be given a reason and will have the opportunity to edit your breed and submit again if you wish. If your breed is accepted, congratulations! Your Breed Originator has automatically been registered as this breed, and other dogs can also be registered now. You have 7 days to register the minimum 20 dogs needed for a breed to exist, otherwise the breed becomes eligible for extinction that happens every sunday. Breeds whose active (meaning: aged this week) populations drop below 20 individuals will become extinct and their breed entry removed from the Breed Registry. Individual dogs are not touched.

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