Adding a Real Breed

Basic Rules of Adding a Real Breed

If Dynasty is missing a real breed that you'd like to have added, you can do so via the Breed Registry. In the Breed Registry, go to Manage Your Breeds, then Submit Real Breed. Then you'll have to read and agree to certain rules, which are also given below:

"Is your favourite real breed missing from Dynasty? You can help us get it added faster! Fill out this form to the best of your ability - don’t worry, you can save your progress - and submit it for our admins to look over and finish up the behind-the-scenes portions.

Make sure you fill out every single characteristic! The more realistic and true to the breed you make this submission, the faster it will get approved and added to the game. It is not necessary to fill out both phenotypes and genotypes, although you can if you want to. Just one or the other will suffice. Ctrl+click (cmd+click for mac) will allow you to select multiple options, or deselect all options in any box.

This is for real breeds only! If you submit an in-game breed, it will get rejected."

How the Process Works

  1. First, you find a breed you want to add, and make sure it doesn't already exist in the breed registry.
  2. Create a breed submission draft for your breed by going to the Breed Registry, then to Manage Your Breeds, then Submit Real Breed.
  3. Work on your breed draft until you are satisfied - you can do this in one session, or in many sessions. There are certain characteristics you can skip by selecting the appropriate checkbox in their details if you're not sure what to put there.
  4. Once you are done editing every single characteristic, submit the breed.
  5. Admins will then look at your breed submission and approve or reject it. If it is rejected, you will receive a reason as to why. Possible reasons include:
    • Wildly inaccurate characteristic settings
    • Trying to add a breed that's already in the game
    • Trying to add an in-game breed instead of a real breed
    • Adding a breed that isn't accepted by at least one kennel club in the real world
    • There may be other reasons on a case-by-case basis
  6. If your breed is approved, you'll receive a notification. The breed won't appear on the game this point. Admin will then go over your breed, add certain behind-the-scenes parameters, and only then push the breed live. There will typically be a news post and a chat announcement for every new breed that has been added.
  7. Note: If two or more players submit the same breed, they will be analyzed in order of submission. However, the most accurate submission will often be approved, not the one submitted first. Once one instance is approved, all other submissions of the same breed will be rejected.

Important Notes

It is important to note that in order to be accepted as a "Real Breed", the breed you are adding must be recognized by at least one real breed recognition body - this can be a major kennel club like AKC, or smaller independent rare-breed registries, so long as the breed is not purely in the process of development with no recognition.

Every single characteristic must be filled out and saved, otherwise you can't submit the form. The button that links to the characteristic will turn white when you've edited and saved it, to remind you which ones you've already addressed and which you haven't. You will have to estimate many of the values based on your research and understanding of the breed - try to leave some options for the breed the choose from, as not all dogs are perfect representations of the breed, no matter how much you wish they were.

For example - Hindquarter:
  • Good Range - Poor, Average, Good, Excellent
  • Good Range - Poor, Average, Good
  • Good Range - Average, Good, Excellent
  • Bad Range - Excellent
  • Bad Range* - Good, Excellent
*Note: There may be exceptions to this, in breeds where hindquarters are noted to be a particularly good highlight of the breed. In this particular case, the quality of the hindquarter does not have anything to do with the health disorder Hip Dysplasia.

Watch for Contradictions

Did you just select a breed to only come in Bobtail, and then set Tail Length to "Unending"? That won't work. Since you're working with real breeds here, chances are you won't run into this in the first place, but still important to keep an eye out for potential logical contradictions.

Adding Range-based Characteristics

These are the characteristics that feature sliders. Some may have a numerical result, while others will have a word result. In general, you'll want the Males and Females to be the same or very similar, except in certain physical characteristics like Height and Weight, but it is very breed-dependent. In characteristics with word results, your sliders will be automatically set to the closest word boundary. You don't have to inch closer and closer to the boundary yourself.

Adding Genetics-based Characteristics

You do not have to fill out -both- phenotypes and genotypes, although you can. One or the other is fine. Once you save a characteristic, you will see the results of what you've selected show up on the page.

Unless you are absolutely sure of what you're doing, stick to selecting phenotypes (word-based representations of the characteristic). You can select several at once by holding CTRL or CMD while clicking on extras. You can also unselect the same way.

If you are indeed sure of what you're doing, you may prefer to select only with genotypes, as that gives you the most control of what is allowed in the breed. You can also do a combination, selecting genotypes and phenotypes, but you need to make sure that your selections don't contradict each other. For example, selecting the Hairless phenotype for the Coat Length characteristic and also the "hh" genotype (which results in a dog with hair) will not work. Try to fill this out to the best of your ability, but don't worry if you make some mistakes - your submission will be looked over and likely edited by admins before it will be given the final approval to appear on the site.

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