Havi (#387)
October 10th, 2020 4:17 PM
I notice there are no contests, anymore, and I miss those. Comment below with your contest desires!

And the meat of the post:
I have several dogs for sale and or available for breeding.
Blue Odin is my only stud, currently, but he is health cleared, average in his conformation, and generally would be suitable for those looking to breed "pet" GSD, as some of his drives are lower.
He is also 2 inches ABOVE the SV standards though he fits in their weight category; and he carries a copy of the blue dilution (not allowed to show him anyway). Nice scissor bite, pricked ears, if a bit low-set; traditional coloring if a bit washed out (I betcha you could get some nice blue and cream puppies with the right bitches!)

And for FREE if you just message me with their ID number, 5 import males who have bad hips:

And for FREE, not fully health tested but a bitch who also failed hips:

And for FREE but would prefer to trade, some bitches bred to a standard, and potentially in heat (I leave them alone once they are):

The freebie hip failures will be PET HOMED on 10-10-20 at 9pm Eastern time. They take up space and annoy me, but the standard bred bitches will remain until someone wants them. They should all carry for blue <3 They are RELATED to the stud, through the dams, just FYI.


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