Najerieau (Chris) (#7408)
May 25th, 2016 11:09 PM
I am looking to trade either Rare/Uncommon German Shepherds, IN HEAT purebred health cleared females, or Imports for credits.
My main ones as of now are:
4 Imports- 2 credits each, and 2 either IN HEAT or Rare/Uncommon German Shepherds, or one of each, for just an extra credit.
4 Imports and 5 either/or IN HEAT or German Shepherd mix, all for a credit a piece.
10, 5 IN HEAT and 5 Rare/Uncommon German Shepherd's, for 9 credits.

OR we can do a breeding agreement.
When any of my PUREBRED females that you like come into heat you will get her sent to you for 3 credits a female, you breed her to whoever it is you wish, keep the pups and I get the female back afterwards and will either age her back up again for you or you can just do it once, or even choose up to 4 different females.


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