kyloren (#16001)
May 25th, 2016 5:53 PM
My puppies for trade:
Both are female. They are going to be small-medium sized, as they are 25% Border Collie, 25% Australian Shepherd, and 50% Pomeranian. Both have affection above 80 and should not have congenital heart disease. If you need more information, PM me!

What I'm looking for in return for the trade:
Breed DOES NOT matter to me! Here are my requirements:
24 inches or less (preferably on the smaller side)
Any age under 6 years
Agility and Energy Level above 50 or agility and energy level of at least one of the parents above 60, if not old enough to test for that.
No health issues besides deafness
No aggressiveness above 60 for either parent or the dog

Here's why: I'm working on creating the ideal agility breed that is 10 inches and under and will also make a good companion!

Please consider trading!


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